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I hated gardening, growing up in Gretna. I hated getting my hands dirty, getting sweaty during the three hours every summer morning I pulled my weight gathering provisions for our family for winter. I was convinced this wasn’t just my father making me work, but The Father, making me pay for Adam and Eve’s indiscretion. Thankfully, I could spend afternoons of absolution in the Neche swimming pool, or with the pages of Little Lord Fauntleroy under one of our many cottonwood trees.


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Call for Submissions

By Victor Enns

Rhubarb’s theme for our next issue, R38, is Gender.

What does gender mean to you? We’d like to hear from writers, poets and artists that self identify as Mennonites, whether your submission is fact, fiction, a bit of both, a visual image, or poetry. Deadline: June 30.

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Rhubarb seeking blog submissions

By Victor Enns

Rhubarb is seeking blog submissions from people who self-define as Mennonites, whether practicing, declined, lapsed or resistant! See here for inspiration. Please send your submissions to envoi@shaw.ca